How 6 Different Energy Types Affect Our Mood

POLARIC THERAPEUTIC brand is influenced by the concepts of energy flow used in Ayurvedic medicine, Traditional Chinese medicine, ancient Greek philosophy, Homeopathic Mappa Mundi.

The underlying concept is that there are 6 basic energy types within the human mind, whereas 1 or 2 prevails, which generates disbalance. To get stable energy, the opposite energy flow is needed.

We looked and analyzed herbal and crystal energy quality to find the matching pairs. We created wellbeing products with 6 basic mind constitution energies that are symbolically represented as 6 colors; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. Their correlations represent a color wheel. Each of these energies contains a positive aspect if balanced and a negative aspect if unbalanced, unnourished.

  • RED: 

OVERALL ENERGY STRUCTURE: hot, dry, mobile, rough, light

POSITIVE QUALITY, WHEN BALANCED: Pioneer, leader from the forefront, likes action, movement, adventure, speed, looking for challenges

NEGATIVE QUALITY, WHEN UNBALANCED: Anger, nervousness, frustration, shouting

THERAPEUTIC ENERGY: Green color represents a relaxed, peaceful, serene mind energy


OVERALL ENERGY STRUCTURE: hot, smooth, mobile, light

POSITIVE QUALITY, WHEN BALANCED: Volunteer, sunny, joyful, happy, enjoys intimacy, intuitive, empathetic, charismatic, sensations, sentimentality, sharp and fond of beauty

NEGATIVE QUALITY, WHEN UNBALANCED: restlessness, irritability, heart grief, dramatic, critic, empty and hopeless, lifeless if alone, anxiety

THERAPEUTIC ENERGY: Blue represents forgiveness, subtle, quiet mind energy

  • YELLOW: 

OVERALL ENERGY STRUCTURE: warm, moist, heavy, mobile, stable, soft

POSITIVE QUALITY, WHEN BALANCED: vitality, robust, resilient, understanding, trusting, strong self-control, stable, strongest physically and psychologically, leader

NEGATIVE QUALITY, WHEN UNBALANCED: hopelessness, insecurity, possessive, controlling, domineering, lack adaptability and flexibility

THERAPEUTIC ENERGY: Purple represents understanding, trusting, surrounding mind energy

  • GREEN: 

OVERALL ENERGY STRUCTURE: cold, wet, heavy, stable, soft

POSITIVE QUALITY, WHEN BALANCED: Leader from the background, peacemaker, security, predictability, wants to be included, pleasant, helpful, seek harmony and togetherness, community

NEGATIVE QUALITY, WHEN UNBALANCED: Thinking, obsession, worrisome, lazy, overly pensive, addictions

THERAPEUTIC ENERGY: Red represents an active, attentive, independent mind energy

  • BLUE:

OVERALL ENERGY STRUCTURE: cold, dry, light, immobile

POSITIVE QUALITY, WHEN BALANCED: Orderliness, beauty, discretion, respects authority, rational, moral, high standards, appreciates beauty, rituals, refinement

NEGATIVE QUALITY, WHEN UNBALANCED: Grief or sadness, lack of energy, motivation, naive, sensitivity, melancholy, isolation, self-protection

THERAPEUTIC ENERGY: Orange represents passion, spontaneity and social involvement, action mind energy


OVERALL ENERGY STRUCTURE: cold, dry, light, mobile, rough

POSITIVE QUALITY, WHEN BALANCED: Systematic, transparent, in-depth, introverted, independent, self-sufficient, committed, investigative, seeking knowledge, understanding, mysterious, anonymous

NEGATIVE QUALITY, WHEN UNBALANCED: Fear, panic, depression, anxiety, lack of self-esteem, scare, critical and cynical, isolation

THERAPEUTIC ENERGY: yellow represents encouragement, comfort, calmness, courage, confidence, boldness mind energy

Author: Silvia Spehar