The company was founded with a mission to create innovative products for mental and general well-being, health-promoting using ancient and modern methods. Social responsibility and the international accessibility of POLARIC THERAPEUTICS innovative solutions is the company’s vision for the future.

Silvia Spehar is the founder, with ten years of experience in running a research & development department in the cosmetics and nutritional supplements industries. By profession, she is a biology professor, pharmacy technician, herbalist and is continuously receiving additional training in the field of alternative medicine.

POLARIC THERAPEUTICS products present holistic, aromatic energy products that promote relaxation and mood regulation. They correspond to the prevailing energy constitution of the users.

POLARIC THERAPEUTIC products have a unique recipe, using alchemic processes and homeopathic principles, plant energies, gems, and crystals preparation using an ancient holistic method. This process ensures that the final results are more powerful and therapeutic. We fill our products in unique biophotonic, violet glass bottles because of their special properties that protect formulations from the harmful effects of light, increases shelf life, preserve and revitalize their potency. That is why products are not effective because of their ingredients but because of the metaphysical powers created during the process and activated when it touches your skin.

Crystal aromatherapy products are created using the highest quality ingredients that bring ease, balance, and calm to your energetic system; if used regularly, our products hold the potential to increase your vitality.

Sustainability and respect for nature are fundamental to us, so we carefully consider the whole supply chain and everyday activity as much as possible. All parts of the packaging are recyclable.