Advantages of cookies

Cookies are used on this website, as is the case on most other websites. We use cookies to give you a good user experience. A cookie is a small file that typically contains a sequence of letters and numbers that are loaded on a user’s computer or mobile phone when you visit a Web site.

Cookies help us:

  • That the site works as expected
  • Save login data every time you visit the website
  • Save the settings during registration and website search
  • Improve website speed/security
  • When connecting the website to social networks like Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook
  • In the personalization of the website (becomes user-friendly)
  • Continuous improvement of the site
  • Marketing content (we can offer you thousands of things you want)

We do not use cookies for:

  • The storage of personal data (without your consent)
  • Recording of sensitive data (without your consent)
  • The transfer of data to third parties

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Permission to use cookies

By accessing this website with your browser, means that you accept cookies and that you agree to their use. If you do not use the cookies on this website, please continue reading. However, blocking the cookies may cause the site to function only sub-optimal.

First-party cookies

We use cookies to optimize the performance of websites that include the following:

  • The operation of the shopping cart
  • Determine whether you are logged in or not
  • Remembers the browser history
  • Consent to our terms and conditions
  • To display content that you were interested in recently
  • Adapt the operating side to your needs
  • The reminder of already answered questions (for example, you have refused to make our test of the acidification of the liver)

These cookies will not function other than by visiting this website.

Turning off cookies

Cookies can be turned off manually.