What is crystal healing?
Crystal healing is a branch of traditional alternative therapy that also involves using gemstones to bring balance to an individual’s life and mind. It is believed that the right chosen crystals allow positive, healing energy to flow into the body while negative, disease-causing energy flows out.
Crystals and gems are naturally occurring rock formations valued for their unique shape, colour, and luminosity. Crystals colour depends on the transmission of light through them whereas gemstones come in various colours, such as, blue, green, and red.

How long has crystal healing been around?
Crystal healing is dating back at least 6,000 years to the time of the ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia. Ancient civilisations have intuitively identified the power of crystals and incorporated them into daily life, integrating them into spiritual rituals, medicine, divination and promoting good fortune.
Crystals still have a significant role in everyday life, such as components for satellites, computers, cell phones, televisions, watches. They’re also used in the beauty industry and cultural ceremonies, like diamonds, for instance.

How does crystal healing work?
Crystal healing is based on the philosophy that every stone has its specific vibration based on its molecular blueprint. Healing crystals hold unique frequencies and particular energies that align with each of the seven chakras.
Crystals function similarly to electric devices by storing and transferring energy into an object. Crystals are used in technology regularly, also for storing data in a tiny disk called “Superman memory crystal”. Each of these discs, written in fused quartz, can reportedly store up to 360 terabytes to keep data intact for 13,8 billion years.
Only the finest quality, pure crystals, gems yield the therapeutic results we expect from crystal energy medicine.

What are the benefits of crystal healing?
In crystal healing, stones are assigned to various properties, depend on a stone and intentions instaled inside structure.
Amethyst, for example, harmonises the nervous system and helps to promote peaceful sleep. Rose Quartz is particularly beneficial to encourage self-love, supports our ability to love.
Turquoise is energising, helps to balance mood swings, and strengthen self-confidence and self-expression. Quartz Helps to promote clear perception, understanding and self-awareness.
Before practising a crystal healing, you should be careful not to forgo legitimate treatment for life-threatening disease.

What are the side effects of crystal healing?
Healing should never be rushed as crystals may cause unpredictable emotional reactions. Crying, laughing, and euphoria may occur due to the negative emotional baggage that many of us carry from childhood.
People also commonly report feeling of emotional swings and increased sensitivity to certain external stimuli such as TV programs or songs. Certain positive or negative elements in the media or our surroundings may trigger long lost memories from childhood. The healing process should always be gradual and tolerable.

How to choose the right crystal?
Choosing the right crystal can be overwhelming, especially since there are so many potentials and beauty. Long known advise is that you don’t choose the crystal, the most suitable crystal should choose you. That means you should focus on your manifestation and observe your physical and emotional sensations around each stone. Choose the mineral that rejuvenates your mind and soul. If you choose your crystal online, explore all properties of the crystals and take the one that suits best with your intentions.

How to use the crystals?
There are countless ways to use crystals every day. Here are some suggestions:
1. Meditation stone: holding your crystal in one or both hands as you close your eyes and focus on your breath. Each crystal can feel different, so keep experimenting.
2. Lucky stone: carry a crystal with you throughout your day in your pocket, purse or necklaces and put attention on it whenever you you’re working toward desired intentions.
3. D├ęcor stone: bring positive energy to your home or office, with large or small crystals.
4. Beauty powder: incorporate crystal powders into your self-care, beauty routine to feel rejuvenated.

Working with crystals requires your participation because you are a co-creator of results.