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Remote diagnostic testing involves conducting diagnostic assessments without the client physically present in a healthcare setting. In this scenario, the client is provided with a package of tools by the post office (the package includes supplies with a lancet and three ampoules) and instructions for collecting a small blood sample from the client’s fingertip (using 5-7 drops of blood) in the ampoules. The collected blood samples are then sent back to the healthcare provider for precise frequency analysis.

After analyzing the collected blood samples, the healthcare provider will review the results and generate a diagnostic report with their findings. This report will include information on any imbalances or abnormalities found in the patient’s blood, as well as recommendations for therapy. The diagnostic report generated after the analysis of the collected blood samples may include tests for a variety of health conditions, such as allergies, autoimmune disorders, toxins, pathogens, and nutrient deficiencies. The report will be sent to the patient via email.

To provide remote testing services, we collect personal and health data from our clients, including but not limited to, name, contact information, medical history, and diagnostic test results. We collect this data solely for the purpose of providing testing and diagnostic services to our clients and do not use it for any other purpose. All personal information is kept safe and confidential. If you need more information, please contact us by email: or