There are many different triggers of stress in the modern world, and they can all be challenging to handle. From work stress to university stress, social media pressure, workplace bullying, and fear-mongering; everyone is susceptible to stress in one form or another. There are many different ways of relieving stress from physical activity, exercise, challenging your mind, and many more.

Chronic stress can generate real physical damage to your body through overburdening your organs, raising blood pressure and blood sugar. Fortunately, there are numerous natural ways to alleviate this problem. You have to know how to deal with stress and frustrations in the best possible way.

I will share what I have learned about how each personality, energy type handles stress.

Energies are as unique as the people they serve. Each energy type has an ambivalent and a compliant pole that influences how they manage personal and business interactions. Learning how these energies interact with others can help you work better in teams, handle change more effectively, and enhance life aspects.

Violet & Blue Energy Type

Violet & blue is by nature, restless and always moving. The Violet & blue mind moves on to the next thing while it’s still working out old things, can’t keep still, has nervous energy, or fidgeting. It absorbs new information and experiences with a whirlwind of the activity or spacing out with its thoughts running around like hamsters on a wheel. However, when Violet & blue is out of balance, they can burn hot too quickly and find it difficult to be attentive to a present situation. Violet & blue energy type creates stress by having too many things going at one time. Too many things to keep track of.  Violet & blue energy type when under stress has an overwhelming response of fear, worry, and anxiety. They eventually look for an escape, because they don’t deal with their stresses but rather choose to cut and run.

Violet & blue body type people often need to slow down and get grounded in order to stay healthy.

Violet & blue energy type sports activities for stress relief can help empower you with some slow yoga asanas, calming meditation techniques as well as physical exercises for your daily wellbeing. Be it a Violet & blue-based rhythmic activity such as relaxed swimming, dancing, cycling, walking, yoga, tai chi, etc. – will keep your mind calm and will also invigorate and exercise your body at the same time. It is highly recommended that you relieve stress through calming activities, and maintain a warm body temperature by avoiding cold weather, and regularly consume warm foods and drinks.

Orange & Red Energy Type

Orange & red energy type creates stress by keeping its focus on one goal, no matter the cost. This is the energy type that is associated with perfectionism and high expectations. Mostly it results in a lack of self-nurturing and trading of self-care for the expected goal. When orange & red person experiences the stress that can be driven by the deadline or out of their control situations, their digestive system goes off as well. Orange & red’s challenge is that they have too little nutrition coming in, but their drive demands a lot on the body. This may result in the generating of too much heat and causing liver dysfunction. They will even gain weight in the short term, but this weight gain is driven by chronic stress, not by lack of proper diet or exercise. So even if they change their diet and exercise, but don’t reduce stress, there will be no change in weight. All this also causes problems in the endocrine hormonal system and other symptoms in the body.

Orange & red energy types under stress experience more anger; they become more critical; they blame others for the creation of their rage, they are more likely to form a plan and directly confront their anger. Team sports are an excellent way to stay active while satisfying Orange & red’s natural competitiveness, also jogging, hiking, and golf are recommended.

Orange & red energy types tend to push themselves too hard and should avoid exercising in the heat and consuming spicy foods and drinks.

energy type

Yellow & Green Energy Type

Yellow & green energy type doesn’t tend to be as disturbed by stress as Violet & blue or Orange & red, because they are most resilient and cope stress well. When yellow & green energy type is under stress, they layoff of going on work, and remain in bed until the stress is over. Yellow & green simply pull back and may go to sleep. They may wait or withdraw from the stress until they feel that they can come back with a fresh mind and look at it as new.

Yellow & green energy types love working out with their buddies, and they should focus on a combination of cardio training and weight-resistance exercise to stay motivated. In general, any type of movement is beneficial and recommended for this group. Yellow & green are more attracted to water during times of being stressed since water can relieve them from certain stress by feeling comfortable.

These people want to stay warm, either by sitting in a sauna or eating warm food. They need to have a steady, healthy diet, regular exercise, and establish a regular sleep routine.

It’s important to understand how someone operates when it comes to creating stress. Each personality, energy type, deals with stress differently, such as Violet & blue energy type that creates stress by having too many things going at once. The Orange & red energy type creates stress by focusing on one goal. Yellow & green energy type doesn’t tend to be as disturbed because they are well nourished by nature and more resilient to everyday stress.