CHI Report; Birth Given Energy Deficits and Surpluses


CHI energy is usually equated with life energy. The origin of CHI in the body is of three sources: food, the air we breathe, the yin from the kidneys with which we are born.

It is extremely important that we know a person’s energy at birth. Knowing the distribution of life energy in the body helps us to plan activities and proper diet, nutrition to raise the congenital deficit.


After the purchase, you will receive a PDF form with all the instructions. Based on the information I receive back, I will send you all recommendations and protocol for improving your wellbeing.

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At the moment of the child’s birth, the universe is in a special constellation that is unique and represents the macrocosm of that moment. With the child’s first breath, the macrocosm (universe) is mapped into the microcosm (child). In other words, we can say that CHI enters a child through the lungs and so his YIN energy begins to build up.

This report will give you an overview of your energies given by birth regarding organ vitality. It will show which organs may be struggling to preserve balance and causes for this instability. You can learn about the lifestyle and dietary choices that will contribute to bringing the systems into harmony and preventing long-term disease.


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