Male Support, Loose Leaf Tea, Organic Tea


Male Support Tea is a healthy herbal detox blend that helps the body to cleanse itself naturally. That’s not all that the Male Fertility Tea does for you, however. It also enhances energy, support prostate health, has an antioxidant effect through fighting harmful free radicals and it can aid those who have a weak immune system.

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Male Support Tea is a blend of herbs proven to help support overall prostate health. The various herbs in this tea have been traditionally used to help support prostate, urinary tract functions also increase strength and muscle mass.

Male Support Tea is a totally natural aid that encourages normal, healthy function and can help avoid problems associated with common prostate enlargement. The proprietary blend of herbs in Male Support Tea contains pure ingredients that have been used traditionally for centuries to help maintain optimal male health and well-being. Herbs contained in this formula are said to aid in improving circulation, promoting normal urination and helping maintain normal cholesterol levels. Male Support Tea also provides antioxidant properties to help protect the body from free radical damage.

Male Support Tea is an organic herbal blend of organic betony and organic nettles. This tea is a tasty addition to your daily routine.  Male Support Tea can effectively improve the quality of life, promote vitality, health and longevity. This natural plant product can be enjoyed daily without the worry of harmful chemicals or additives.

ALL INGREDIENTS: Betonica officinalis L., Urtica dioica L.

Male Support Tea is a high-quality product, handpicked from the field that is tested for heavy metals and other harmful substances. It is certified organic according to EU Organic Agriculture standards.

Pour one tablespoon of therapeutic tea with a cup of boiling water (150 ml), mix well, let stand covered for 10 minutes and then strain. Drink a cup of freshly brewed tea two to three times a day.

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