In-Depth Nutritional Consultation


The nutritional consultation involves a series of questions, which will cover the following areas:

  • general characteristics,
  • metabolism and digestion (including the adrenals),
  • thyroid function,
  • woman problems.


After the purchase, you will receive a PDF form with all the instructions. Based on the information I receive back, I will send you all recommendations and protocol for improving your diet and wellbeing.

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ONLINE THERAPY: Professional Nutritional Counselling, Weight Management

Online Nutritional Counselling is a way for you to remotely send your information to get a personalized diet consultation. Understanding nutrition is the basis of health. The nutritional analysis involves the detailed exploration of the person’s constitution, lifestyle, appetite, digestion, metabolism and underlying constitutional imbalances.

The nutritional consultation is designed for people like you who are interested in making a change in your life and want help figuring out how they can do that.

Consultant Silvija is a biology professor, pharmacy technician, herbalist, naturopath and is continuously receiving additional training in the field of alternative medicine.

The client is required to fill up a checklist which would consist of questions concerning their health and lifestyle. Consultant Silvija will then assess the answers and provide a customized nutritional diagnosis, diet & supplementation nutrition plan which will be sent to the client through email.

NOTICE TO PREGNANT WOMEN: If you know or suspect that they are pregnant, could become pregnant, or are nursing, you must ensure that diet & remedies, that could present a risk, are not used.

NATURE OF SERVICES: A naturopathic doctor is not a medical doctor and naturopathy is not a medical specialty but a separate and distinct health care tradition. Naturopathic medicine is not intended to substitute for diagnosis or treatment by medical physicians or used as an alternative to necessary medical care, and you should not avoid any diagnostic work-up suggested by your medical physician as a result of naturopathic diagnosis or treatment. The focus of naturopathic care is to alleviate the underlying conditions that bring about illness rather than the treatment of symptoms. While you may experience some immediate improvement from the use of supplements, herbs, homeopathic remedies, or other botanical and naturopathic methods, the most effective results occur when you make a long-term commitment to rebuilding health.

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